My experience with the Western Shepherd breed has been magical! I’ve had German Shepherds my entire life, most recently a retired weapons and explosives GS from homeland security. I’m a Chad Prather fan and when I saw Willie, I decided to do some research into the breed and was very impressed. I’m a single parent with a special needs child and wanted a dog that would “watch over” my son so I don’t have to hover. Allow my son the freedom to play and ride a bike in the neighborhood and have a protector. Wow did this breed deliver! Petra aka Chaos is more than I could have imagined! She is my sons best friend, she is protective naturally, very friendly with guests in the house, but will give you the teeth if you’ve not been invited! These protective instincts are natural, I’ve only done obedience training with her. Petra is the smartest dog I’ve ever had and while she has a high drive when training she is a total cuddle buddy. There will always be a WS in this house!!!

All I can say is “I love my Western Shepherd!”
I have long loved the shepherd breeds, with a well bred GSD has always been my idea of the ideal dog. I have had several over the years but moved away from them due to the shedding and issues that have plagued the breed. When I heard of the Western Shepherd I was very skeptical. Butch set a very high bar for his breeding goals, and I wasn’t sure it was really achievable… and a shepherd that was low shed… never. I have never been so glad to be so wrong.
I have been a Western Shepherd owner for a year now and I am very glad I got onboard. Levi is confident, loves to explore, very loving and loyal, and a natural born protector. He gets on with people, children, animals but if something isn’t right he will instinctively investigate and stand between his family and the perceived threat. But he will switch ‘off’ and accept anyone I am willing to accept.

Great experience!

Who says you can’t teach old dogs new tricks? Butch and his staff were very professional and knowledgeable when dealing with my eight year old pit mix. I look forward to doing business with Butch again in the future.                          

Kim S. April 21, 2017

Butch and his team are very knowledgeable about all aspects of dogs and treat them like they are his own. Our puppy learned so much in her first visit and we’ll be sure to use them again for both boarding and training!       

Thumbtack Customer June 22, 2017