Black Bart

Black Bart is everything we wanted in the Western Shepherd Dog, and then some!!!

This dog is 104 pounds of lean muscle, standing 28 inches at the shoulder he has been clocked at 40 miles per hour, in a forty yard dash!

To put things in perspective, racing Greyhounds in the largest weight class of 70 pounds run an average speed of 41 miles an hour in full stride. Bart can reach 40 mph in forty yards, and he is 30 POUNDS HEAVIER!

Bart’s obedience training… I just bought him the book on “Obedience Training for Dogs” and told him to call me when he finished reading it. It took him 4 days.

In addition he has no undercoat, the source of almost all of the shedding you see in most dogs. Bart has done a great job of reproducing himself in all litters. Colors may vary from a dark brindle to a red fawn or sable, but the sound structure, and total devotion to the owner come with all Bart pups.