How we raise our puppies

We believe that the first 12 weeks lay the foundation for the dogs life, so great effort is put into imprinting, stimulation, and socialization during this time. Puppies develop mentally and physically very fast so it is imperative that pups get a load of experience and guidance in the first 12 weeks. Our pups are available for pickup at 8 weeks old (not before). This maximizes the bonding time with the new family inside that 12 week window while ensuring the puppy is mentally ready for the stress of leaving its litter mates.

Our puppies are raised and whelped in our homes and interact with our families from day one. This allows us to ensure our dogs have time and guidance both from older dogs as well as live as part of our daily lives. Great attention is also put into imprinting proper behaviors into our litters. This includes basic manners, comfort being handled, bite work, scent work, and agility.

In addition to socialization of the pups to different people, they also meet other dogs and experience environmental socialization. They are introduced to as many physical environments, sights, sounds, smells – anything and everything to stimulate them and get them comfortable with this great big world.