Breeding Standards

A Western Shepherd Dog is something special. In order to ensure that the essence of the Western Shepherd Dog is not lost the program is very selective in which individual dogs are used in breeding; and which pairings are made. Not all Western Shepherds are eligible to breed and produce official Western Shepherd Dog puppies.

We look at the dog as a whole as individual traits. The whole means balancing the structure, temperament, desired traits, drive, work-ability, and everything else that dog brings to the program. The individual is viewed to find those strengths and weakness that will allow us to determine what animals pair well, and which do not.

To qualify to be used in the official breeding program the dog must be registered with the official breed registry and pass a three phase evaluation: structure, temperament, working ability.

Confirmation: every WSD that is used must be confirmed to have a sound structure and temperament that conforms the the official breed standard. This evaluation is preformed individually or at a confirmation event, judged by Butch Cappel or by a Western Shepherd Dog Club of America judge. Additionally the dog must have passed a hip screening and genetic health screening.

Working Ability: proven, non-bias ability to perform working tasks is a key to ensuring the future of this breed. To be in the breeding program a dog must be titled in a working discipline, primarily herding or protection work. Some service dog training also qualifies. Contact Butch Cappel or the Western Shepherd Dog Club of America to discuss the specifics of specific dogs and their qualifications.

We have seen folks claiming to be producing Western Shepherds outside of the official program; don’t be fooled by imitations – contact us to get your registered Western Shepherd Dog puppy.